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Neurotoxin Treatments

You may consider a neurotoxin treatment…

  • If you have frown lines between your eyebrows

  • If you have horizontal lines on your forehead

  • If you have “crow’s feet” around your eyes and/or other unwanted wrinkles

Neurotoxin treatments may be the answer for a more youthful and pleasant appearance.

BOTOX©, DYSPORT®, XEOMIN®, and JEUVEAU™ are all FDA approved neurotoxins that provide a dynamic treatment for facial wrinkles for areas such as the forehead, between the eyes, and the “crow’s feet” area, as well as many other areas. Neurotoxins works by weakening the muscles of facial expression that create unwanted lines and wrinkles. As the muscles relax, the skin smooths and wrinkles fade away naturally.

The procedure only takes a few moments; discomfort is minimal and lasts only a few seconds. Our practitioners will use their expertise to determine the amount of neurotoxin necessary to produce the results you desire. After the procedure, you will relax in a recumbent position for a few minutes. Following treatment you should be able to return to almost any activity immediately.

Results unfold within 3 to 5 days, but may take a full two weeks for complete results, and typically last from 3 to 6 months. You may desire repeated treatments two to four times a year to maintain results.

Botox Injections
Dermal Fillers​

With time the lines on our faces change. The skin’s natural materials, like collagen and elastic tissue, slowly diminish resulting in the deepening of our own normal lines and folds as well as the flattening of cheek areas and lips.

For decades doctors have been looking for the perfect material to place in these areas giving a safe, fast, and natural looking improvement. Now a variety of products are available that can provide us with all of the things we are looking for.


RESTYLANE® (Lyft, Refyne, Defyne, Silk), JUVEDERM® (Ultra, Ultra Plus), VOLUMA®, VOLBELLA®, VOLLURE® and BELOTERO® are all made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our skin. RADIESSE® is made of Calcium Hydroxylapatite which has a history of safe use in a variety of facial procedures. Each product has specific benefits depending on the area you desire to improve or correct. Dermal fillers provide natural, immediate results and are designed to enhance lips and cheeks as well as improve facial wrinkles, deeper folds, and fine lines. A treatment takes about 15-45 minutes (depending on the number of areas treated) and results can be seen immediately. After treatment you may experience some swelling, bruising, tenderness, and redness. This is a normal result of the procedure and these symptoms generally disappear in two to four days. This treatment is fast and safe and leaves no scars or other traces on the face. Improvement achieved with fillers typically lasts 6 months to 2 years, which can vary by product used and the response of the patient related to age, skin type, lifestyle, and muscle activity. The results gradually fade over time as the product is biodegradable and absorbs slowly in the body at which point you can return for another treatment if desired.

Woman with Laptop
Facial Contouring

Our faces change with time. The skin’s natural materials, like collagen and elastic tissue, slowly diminish resulting in the deepening of our normal lines and folds as well as flattening of our cheek area and lips.



SCULPTRA® is a product that gradually replaces lost collagen providing results that last up to 2 years before ever needing a touch up. The results are gradual and natural-looking. It is made from poly-l-lactic acid, a natural fruit based material. Sculptra® is a product used to correct volume loss, improve skin texture, improve moderate to deep creases and facial contours. Sculptra® is the product people refer to when taking about having a "Liquid Face Lift". It is injected as a series of 2 to 4 treatments, 5 to 8 weeks apart. Results are seen more gradually and improvement is seen with each treatment as lost collagen is reproduced by your own body. After treatment you may experience some swelling, bruising, tenderness and redness. This is a normal result of the injection and these symptoms generally disappear in two to seven days. This method is fast and safe and leaves no scars or other traces on the face.

When having any type of injection it is best to avoid medications that thin the blood including such over-the-counter products as aspirin, Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen, Excedrin, or fish oil supplements for 10 to 14 days prior to your treatment. These products increase the chance of bruising which is always a possibility when having an injectable treatment.

Impressions of beauty change over time, as do our faces as we age. One of the great advantages with a Dermal Filler or Facial Contouring with Sculptra® is that the results are long-lasting but not permanent. You always have the choice to continue or change the combination of treatments, and the procedure can be repeated as often as you like. YOU are always in charge of your look!

Facial contouring.jpg


KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the area under the chin to improve your profile. Kybella® is synthetic made from deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that helps breakdown and absorb dietary fat. When injected Kybella® destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable fullness reduction. Fat cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected Once you reach your desired aesthetic goal with Kybella further treatment is not expected since the fat cell is gone.


KYBELLA® is administered by multiple small injections under the chin area and takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The number of treatments varies from patient to patient depending on how much fat you have and how you respond to the product. Each treatment session is done at least 6 weeks apart. After Kybella® treatments, you will likely experience some swelling, possible bruising, and numbness under your chin area.


If you would like to learn more about Dermal Fillers, KYBELLA®, or Facial Contouring with Sculptra®, we invite you to call our office to have any questions answered and to schedule an appointment with our highly experienced practitioners. As you share your concerns for improvement, your practitioner will recommend and explain which treatment will best give you the results you desire.

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